Using the dbx 286s as Master Effect for Multiple Audio Channels

I bought a motorized office desk from IKEA that moves up and down so I can sit or stand depending upon how I’m feeling. It works very well for me. I use an old Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro mixing desk with an SM7B mic and a Cloud lifter. All of that is routed through a Focusrite 18i20 to my computer and two Eris E66 monitors. It’s a good setup for voice tracking a radio program from home.

I have a question for anyone who may be able to answer:

I am using a DBX 286s mic processor as an insert processor for my SM7B, but I want to connect it as a master effect for all four of my mic faders. How can I accomplish this? I don’t want to purchase a separate processor for each channel…


This would be possible if you have some AUX sends on your mixing desk.

You could plug the output of AUX 1, for example, into the input for the dbx 286s. Then the output of the dbx 286s would go into a spare channel on your mixing desk.

Turn up the AUX 1 volume control on any mic channel that you’d like to send out to the dbx 286s and your audio will be returned on the new fader (that you connected to the output of the dbx 286s).

There are some disadvantages:

  • All microphones would only appear on one master fader.
  • You wouldn’t be able to set EQ, compression etc. for each different microphone.

It’d be better to get a multi input pre-amp/compressor like the dbx 266xs (dual channel).

I am strongly considering getting a Behringer MDX4600 (quad channel) for this very reason.

Thanks for that reply. I am only thinking of adding one other microphone to my desk so I can have a guest record with me occasionally. I want their audio to be processed like mine is. I think your solution might work for this situation. As long as the pre-fader input gain is similar on both mics we should be in concert with one another.
I’ll give it a try first before considering a new processor purchase although the Behringer is an affordable option! That might take care of me down the road for minimal cost.



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