Using music in podcasts

I do have a question for Mike, in podcasting. I am currently also a podcaster and use Anchor. However, when I emailed about them on how to use Music, they said that they prefer you to use the importing music tool to do this. Personally I think it’s a bit more difficult, and I would like to use YouTube‘s free music if that’s possible. I am completely blind, and use a screen reader. What kind of podcast platform does Mike use for his podcasting, and does he have to import the music from the music library or can he use the music he has used on his YouTube channel? What podcast platform would he recommend to use?

You can use any music you like as long as you have the license to do so. I have a mix of Music Radio Creative royalty free tracks and commercial pop songs from Lickd.

As for hosting any host will allow you to add music to your show as long as it’s legal. Here’s some more information on the best podcast host to use.