Using Loopback with Adobe Audition

Hello Mike.

Just recently saw on one of your videos that you had some audio devices showing within Adobe Audition’s input channel options.

Can you tell us and/or walk us through how you use and setup Loopback with Adobe Audition?


Thanks @elandrue I did a live stream on using loopback to record. It’s different for every audio interface however I hope this helps!

Hello Mike!!!. I watched the video and couldn’t find any information about using loopback with Audition. Maybe I missed it, can you please point me to the spot where is at? Thanks!

Thanks! I start setting up inputs and outputs at 12:28 but I believe you’re looking for a guide to the Rogue Amoeba software called Looback, correct?

I have covered this before but can’t find the exact video. I’ll try and search for it or maybe someone else will find it. In any case it’s a good topic and deserves a live stream all to Looback.

I’ll work on this! :slight_smile:

Hey Mike!! Indeed, I’m talking about the Rogue Amoeba Loopback software.

It is a fantastic tool, bit confusing in regards to audio routing thou.

I you can find that video and/or able to do a Live Stream about it will be of great benefit to the community.

Also if you can include some tips on how to set mic input leves in Audition I will appreciate it. I’ve been leaving the fader at -0- and working my preamp gain till it reaches -18/12 but when I normalize it is really loud and then have to ride the fader way down.