Use MP3gain on recovered songs?

during this lockdown; all my Dj-gigs and radio-sets got canceled.
i use this time to make my own mashups and revisiting my old flight cases. in one of them i found a harddrive from early 2000 with music and old jingles. happy days right? not realy; because the volume differs from file to file.
back in those days we copied from minidisks and eachothers copies, this between shows or while programming STARIPS RadioPC…

thats the backstory, now to my question.
normaly when i have my doubts about a track, i’ll open it in Audacity to make sure that it sounds like i want it.
i have the downloadlink for MP3gain to level those mp3’s.
what are your experiences with that program
and would you recommend it?
so I can listen to that music and maybe test it out during a set or radio-gig.

thanks in advance!

I’m guessing as you have mentioned Audacity that’s your DAW of choice.

Certainly in Audition you’d have two choices. You could batch normalise them all to the same level or you could run them all through match clip loudness to achieve the same perceived loudness of each song.

In Audacity I don’t know if you can batch normalise or whether it’s a per file operation.

I have no experience of the software you’re mentioning and how effective it is at doing this. I know a friend of mine did run some free software over their audio to normalise it and the results were not good. Fortunately she had taken backups.

My preference would be to do it in Audition if I was to undertake that.

thanks for ‘r reply,
i’ have no experiance with Audition, but there is Google & Tube :wink:

Here you go. I hope this helps

Batch processing in Adobe Audition