Trying to setup Audition Multitrack like Mike did with Rodecaster Pro and having no luck...HELP!

I have a Rodecaster Pro and am trying to set up the Multitrack form in Audition like Mike talked about in his video and when I do, all I get is in Multitrack Mode: Default Stereo Input and when I click on it in Mono I get: O1M & O2M and in Stereo I get : Default and O1S…I set everything like Mike did on the Rodecaster, even put a MicroSD card in it thinking that would help but no luck…Any ideas, advice, help would be welcomed…

Multitrack-to-USB needs to be activated first.

You can do this in the RØDECaster Pro’s ‘Advanced’ settings. Make sure it’s switched on for USB and you should get all the different outputs appear in Adobe Audition.

Thanks Mike!!! Also looked on (should’ve looked there first smacks forehead) and found something interesting more that when you set it up in Audio Hardware in Audition, you have to set it on Rodecaster Pro AISO and when setting mics and whatnot in the Multi Track zones, Mic 1 is O3M…Nothing’s ever simple, is it?

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