Trying to get consistent volumes on CDR compilations

Hi all

First time on here so I have my fingers crossed.

I am creating compilations of UK Top 40 chart hits from 1952-1989. I am using songs from my CD collection or vinyl rips if the certain hit isn’t available on CD or not available on CD in its original 45 version.

Adobe Audition CS6

To try and get the volumes as close as possible I have tried ‘Match Volume’ including mainly ITU and Perceived Loudness both without limiting as I found if the limiting box was ticked a lot of the higher end frequencies were lost. I found a lot of the volumes were passable but some were still quieter or louder than the song before or after, I then started to reduce all the songs I was working with down to -3db and then listened individually to each song and if I noticed any irregularities (song too loud) I would go to Effects>Amplitude and Compression>Amplify and hit -1db cut. This system seems to work quite well but is very time consuming.

Can you think of another way to speed this process up and/or make the volumes even more accurate?

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Try doing this in multitrack instead of waveform.

You just drag in all the clips, right click and select Match Clip Loudness while leaving the default settings of -23 LUFS. There is no limiting so everything will be preserved nicely in your recordings.