Try AURIA for audio DAW at your Ipad

Auria is an IOS app that can handle 48 tracks to record, mix, master, etc… it’s great and not so expensive. I’m not getting anything to post it… take a look and you decide.

I assume this app is for recording using an iPad?

The interface reminds me of one of those iPad DAW controller apps, I believe @Mike did a video on one of those.

Seems like a great solution for more professional audio recording on an iPad.


Looks pretty interesting $49.99 in the US iTunes store. I see they occasionally cut that in half to $24.99 so worth to keep an eye out for that sweet price.

Have you used it or made anything with it @Juanmapinker? How is it working for you?

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I own a low power FM radio station in Cincinnati Ohio (USA). This looks like this would be great for mobile production work. I wonder how nice the app will look on an IPad Pro.

Yes @Mike , I have. It’s a great solution for mobile recording with the proper interface.
I use it once in a while and it’s very complete for the price. It also can haddle video as Audition. It’s link also with djpro, Dropbox, Soundcloud, etc. and you can buy plugins as well


Subject: Recording with the iPad. I finally got my Focusrite and my Rode NT1. With the Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter I can now connect both with the iPad to record outside my atelier. That works great for me (I am proud :grin::grin::grin::grin:). I need to connect the Apple Power Adapter to the Camera Adapter`s Lightning bus to supply with power and phantom power.



Congratulations @piitciia!! You got it!!

Hola @Juanmapinker :v:t2::v:t2: yes, yes! Thanks for being happy with me my friend.

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