Trouble with my voice and Mike's Adobe Presets 1.4

Hey there,

a wonderfull good day to all of you. As the headline might be missunderstood - I am rly sure my problem is not according to Mike’s presets. Maybe its me, maybe I do not use them right (checked the tutorials) etc.

I’ve got some questions and need your opinion:

1. My first question is according the routing, as Mike descriped in his tutorials that each voice channel is routed tot he Voice FX Channel.

Well my „Voice processed“ channel seems not to be routed. But if I change Effects in the Voice FX, I also hear a difference in the „Voice processed“ Channel. To get me right, thats totally ok, but I do not know why the „voice processed“ channel does not show its routing.

2. My second question is according to the usage of the effects.

In Mikes tutorial I see, that Mike has effects on each Channel. Voice processed, Voice EQ etc. But then, I saw, that the effects are also on Voice FX (which each channel is routed to). That means, that these effects will be „executed“ 2 times. Does that not mean that the voice becomes „unclear and dirty?“ As I opened the preset the first time, the effects were not assigned to each channel – only to Voice FX. So which one is right?

3. My third question is according to the settings of the dynamik processor.

As you can see the graph looks equal. But the values have huge differences. How ist hat possible? Also I have big trouble to set up the values as I have to calibrate by mouse. Is there any opportunity I can set these values by typing in these?

The quality of my voice

Before we are discussing you might want to know which equipment I have. It is the Rode Broadcaster (arround 320 EUR) and the mixer Yamaha MG10XU (arround 200 EUR). I totally agree that this is not like a Neumann TLM 103 in combination with a good interface and a dbx. But it is also not a „poor“ Equipment. Should reach a higher quality with it.

As you might know, the Yamaha has the oppurtunity to set up Comp and EQ BEFORE the signal go into my pc. I have set them to very careful settings. Here you can hear an example. Also I will include a screenshot oft he settings.

Now we go to the „Jingle part“. Again, I totally agree that my result is not able to mess with mikes result but the quality I got is just „loud“ (and sometimes clipping …with hard limiter?!) . Also my voice sounds robotic on channel voice processed. Even if you are not speak german, you hear the quality of the file.

Seetings are Mikes Settings - no effects in voice processed, just in VOICE FX.

What I want to reach is somethink like this:

I would love to get your opinions and recommendations. Also it would be fantastic if you could help me to reach the best possible quality.

Regards, Andre

Hello @MRANSCHU, I don´t know if you move something at the beginning but the default settings of the presets has the voices effect routed to the vox fx track, check out the image below:

For your second question I would say that if you see very careful, the voice tracks has his own effects and only after that thier are sended to the VOX FX bus that has different FX that not the same to the FX of the voice tracks.

For the dynamic question, if you look carefully to the images you sent, thay are different, look carefully to the (1 and 2) lines they are slightly different. That little spot change everything.

As far as I know you cannot change the values manually. :frowning:

If you have a fx in your desk, and also in the DAW, There you have a double process so you have that picks and else.

I’ll listen to your example later.

Good to have you here.



@Juanmapinker Thank you so much for your reply.

Well, just now, I see that also “voice processed” is routed to VFX. Okay, strange but cool! :wink:

As I understood you, you said that each voice track has its own special effect - for example the EQ voice. All other effects are into the Voice FX channel.

For the dynamics I have a lot of trouble. If I would move the under right Point to the left corner, maximum what I am able to reach is -99.72 db. But then, the line would be much different to the line of mike. Also I cannot achieve -80 db for the second expander. Could anyone save that preset and pass it to me ?

What I have found out today is, when I start with Mike’s preset as template I have to do all settings in the VFX bus again, is that normal?

@MRANSCHU You can see each effect rack of each track so you can se how the magic work for the voice effects.

It’s not normal, the presets are well tune in just when you bought them. I really don’t know how that is possible.

I got the solution for you. In the graph, right click in the point you want to change so can get an edit box, there you can put manually the values you want.



Thanks for that but still have huge problems.

When I want to type the value manually it allways says “there is alrdy a point”. Even I try to move the line of the 2nd point (expander). It seems that 1 and 2 are “glued” as all changes I make also affect the other point. So I deff do not reach mikes reference values, no matter what I try :frowning:

Hey again,

for all people who maybe will hit the same “issue”.

I was investigating in this and found a topic in the adobe community. A user got the same “problem”.

The answer is according to the version of Adobe Audition. I have the neweset one:


The tutorial that you followed was using an earlier version of Audition. At some point Adobe seems to have changed the way segments and points are indicated in the display. Quite why the change was made I don’t quite understand. But I think you will find that the Dynamics Processing is working exactly the same when used with your settings in your version of Audition as it was in the tutorial.

I have my own template that I use but one thing I will say is be careful how much processing you use at source since Mike’s presets (from what I’ve seen) add a lot of processing in the mix. You don’t want your voice to be over processed.

For me I use a DBX286x so my presets just add a bit of final “polish” on the voice bus. I have the DBX286x set up to do a lot of the processing so if I have to provide unprocessed audio it is of a decent quality.

Given you’re using quite a bit of EQ on your mixer you may wish to look at the balance between EQ on the mixer and in the presets. Again you’re using compressor (not much) on the mixer so may wish to possibly dial that back a little and let the presets deal with that. In the presets you’ve got compression from dynamics processing, speech volume leveller and multi-band compressor. Mike would have configured all these to work together so think about how much if any compression you need to use at source.

If you think the routing of the tracks has gone wrong either follow through one of the videos on the YouTube channel and put them back as they were or go back to the original template you were sent.

One important thing I’d say is that everybody’s voice is different. While these presets work well with Mike’s voice recorded in Mike’s studio you may find you have to do some tweaking. For example a noisy studio would see the speech volume leveller suck up the noise as well as the speech. It’s also possible the EQ settings need a little tweaking for your own voice and possibly the dynamics processing depending on the average level of your voice recorded in. If you are making tweaks to the template when you export it as a template save it as something totally different if you aren’t confident in building and understanding templates and routing through buses in case something goes awry.

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