Trouble Recording with two microphones in Audition

I am brand new to audio recording mixing… so forgive me if this question is obvious.

I have a laptop on which I want to record a live play RPG (role playing game) session. I own a lavaliere mic (with a 3.5mm jack) and a Blue Yeti microphone, both of which are plugged into the computer. My goal is to use the lavaliere mic for the Game Master, and have the Yeti set up in the middle of the table for the other players.

When I try to set up the multi track session, Audition will not allow me to record from both mics. It doesn’t matter what I tell the channel to use as input, it ONLY records from the “Default” input for Audition. I can change the default input to either mic, but then that mic is used for recording all channels, irrespective of what I set the individual channel’s input to.

Any suggestions?

A few ways you can do this.

Two XLR microphones into Adobe Audition

Get an audio interface or mixer that allows multiple XLR inputs and mix on the hardware into Adobe Audition. Some mixers allow multiple channels for different inputs like the Soundcraft Signature MTK series.

Two USB microphones into Adobe Audition

This is trickier as you have to select one audio device for input in the Adobe Audition preferences. You can get round this by using third party software.

Mac: Loopback
PC: Voicemeeter