Trackspacer and Audition

Happy New Year Everybody!

Ouestion, I bought Trackspacer from Wavesfactory for my podcast after recommendations. its a music with voiceover program only. But I’m having trouble getting it to work in Audition. Everything mounted as it should, but am I missing something?


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When you’re setting up audio plugins in Adobe Audition make sure you point to the directory in which the plugin was installed.

Effects > Audio Plug-in Manager

You may need to add the directory into the list for it to scan and add correctly.

Thanks Mike
yes I eventually found my way. Once I got there I found it quite difficult to dial in the Trackspacer against the music. I host a music program so different audition tracks for each songs. Couldn’t really get the voice over to match uo in the end. Its more radio mix from song to song does that make sense? heehee I’ll put in a link to see if you think its all to pot.

Thanks for all the great work your doing for us Mike