Top 20 Countdown Intro

Hey Guys, would love some feedback on the following track i made today :slight_smile:

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Hey, Bjorn.

I think you have something there. It’s upbeat and catchy. The only thing I would suggest is to cut out the silence at the end. Overall, great job.

Track sounds great. A catchy beat with upbeat tempo and the voice-over works well. As Suhovsky68 said just needs that end edited and you are there on this one.

Hi Bjorn,

good job, I like it.

As already written, cut the final part with silence.

Good job.

You can either trim the silence at the end out the file (smaller file size) or just set the out marker on your playout software at the end of the audio.

As above :scissors: the tail down and maybe insert a forced ending where the bed stops abruptly but echo / reverb effect resonates for a couple of additional seconds or so.

Thatveffect can create a great transition into what ever comes next.

Other than that, it sounds pretty good.

Thanks guys!! i didn’t realize the silence at the end was that long :joy:

Anytime, my friend. Have you concidered working for Mike and Izabela?

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@Suhovsky68 That would be amazing and a dream come true :grin::grin: