Tips for creating a music montage

Hi there everyone, Long time viewer of Mikes YT Page, but this is my first time on the forums!

What I am trying to make in Audition is a ‘music montage’. Basically around say 30 seconds of audio which features snippets of around 4-6 pop songs. I guess the best description would be like the commercials for CD Compilation albums. e.g. an 80’s compilation which has short clips of say, Culture Club then Human League then Eurythmics etc which might just plau a little bit from the chorus of each song.

Its getting the point where two songs join together not to sound like a janky mess, especially if they are different key/tempo/styles

Here is an example from a now TV Ad:

Thanks in advance!


Make a teaser and add a transition sfx between them as the glue. Perhaps a laser gun sound.

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Edit on beat and hide any “janky” edits with a whoosh or laser sound as @The_Tone_Arranger mentions.

You can also use software to find the songs that are easiest to mix together. Mixed In Key is one of my favourites!

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