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Hey guys. Just updated my CC2018 to the latest update and my Time Selection tool in Audition won’t select just one track. It highlights all tracks in the multitrack. Does anyone know if there is some locking function?

Can you post a pic of that @Barb? when you select with that tool in one track it changes the color of the waveform to some kind of white but also “shadow” the entire range in all the tracks, but as I said, the “white” waveform it’s the only one that will be affected.


Gracias Juan! The second track is the highlighted track. I type “T” and highlight the part I want to listen to or cut, in this case and it all highlights. This has never happened before. Highlighting the one, only does that one track.

@Barb, the time selection tool works fine, the thing is that you have your tracks in groups so when you select one part of any track, it selects all :wink:

Just ungroup the tracks and you will be able to select particular parts of any track as before.



Thank you Juan! Virtual hugs.
*facepalm! No wonder I didn’t understand what was going on. I don’t group tracks. You’re a life saver. Gracias. :smiley:

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Anytime @Barb!!!

De nada! :wink:

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