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@Mike Way ahead of you on this. Versioning with this GUI for DAWs for years,

Hitting The Right Notes With MRC.FM



Hmmm, interesting. Does this support Adobe Audition though? After a quick look on the website, it doesn’t look like it.

I´d say Git is still a good solution seeing as you can get started for free, and Git has a lot of room to grow in. (And I always prefer open source).

Now, if only someone made good working version control for designers (Photoshop, Illustrator)…

I’m just sharing my experience.

You just nominate a folder and add whatever you want and share away.
You can even add real-time session notes to versioning updates. @Mike referred to a .sesx file as a text based file. No problem just save to the nominated folder and sync to your backup device at the same time…

I see, the thing that intrigued me though, was previewing a session in the browser, but that seems to be limited to Logic Pro, Garageband, FL studio, and ableton.

But still a pretty neat solution, I’ll keep my eye on it for sure!

I’ve just added Album Artwork (Photoshop Library including .psd) for a versioning test. Result: passed.

I love Splice especially for the way they rank audio plugins. I often use it to find out what’s hot in the audio plugin world. @Hot_Jazz_Chick I’ve also tested Splice with Logic Pro X and what it can do is nothing short of amazing. Great suggestion!

I am hoping for one of two things on the horizon:

  1. Adobe announces “Team Projects” for Adobe Audition.

It’s a killer feature for Premiere Pro and this would be perfect for Audition too.

  1. A third party (like Splice) start supporting Adobe Audition.

I’d pay for a solution like this. We need it at MRC!

This is my favourite Splice project. I love that you can see the plugins pros like Tiësto are using on their tracks.

From what I have heard from Audition devs, there are no plans to bring team projects over to Audition anytime soon, two reasons:

  1. Team Projects is still beta and limited to business users.
  2. The Audition team has focused a lot of their efforts on improving integration with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

On a slightly separate note, a fun but probably really difficult side project would be to make a web parser for audition sessions(.sesx) files, which would allow for displaying an Adobe Audition session in a web browser. It is just an XML file after all.

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Wow, I bet there would be a large amount of Audition users who would like to see this side project happen :wink: