The right order to connect dbx 131s, 166xs, and 286s, and Yamaha AG06. Like your setup Mike

Hi Mike,
Thanks a lot for your videos on YouTube.
I learned a lot from you.
I do trust your experience and options.
I see you are using 3 types of dbx, so I ordered them all and received it few days ago.
Please what is the right order to connect these three devices?
131s, 166xs, and 286s?
Which one comes 1st, then which one comes 2nd, then third?
I also bought the Yamaha AG06 you reviewed earlier (you reviewed AG03, but I ordered the AG06 in case I needed extra option).
So please advice for these 3 DBXs, AG06, and my SM7B.
Thanks for your valuable time replying my inquiries :).
I am doing a solo podcast and sometimes a guest on the cell phone with me. But solo podcaster almost all the time.

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Thanks for asking this chaining question @Moh and great to hear you’ve entered the world of dbx!

I connect like this:

Microphone > dbx 286s > Mixer > Mixer Output > dbx 215s > dbx166xs > FINAL OUTPUT

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
The mixer here is the Yamaha AG06 in my case, right? Isn’t it?
Also the final output is the computer or something else?
Is it possible Mike to just take a photo for your dbx devices settings? So I can map and try?
Thanks a lot.

I hope if you may remember if it is possible to share it.

Thanks Mike for the mini diagram. I will hook up mine the same way, once I get everything shipped to me this week.