The Loudness Wars

Just wanted to say thanks to @Mike for today. That fascinated me. I will be on air tonight at 10pm on if you fancy hearing my live audio quality (with their compression). This is what my poodcast sounds like on iTunes

Interestingly, when I flick from your podcast to mine, we both sound very similar, as we upload at -16 lufs, so it works! My procedure now is I record the show in Audition as a wav at 96000 24bit. Then I run statistics and find my peak RMS. I use the single band compressor with that reading as the sweet spot, have the ratio set at a gentle 2:1. I then apply that, match to -16 lufs. Check it on the radar, save to MP3 32 bit 44100 and then post to Podbean/iTunes & Mixcloud.

Thanks Mike for all the knowledge I have learnt from you over this year.



Glad you enjoyed @David and I’m sure it’s something we’ll talk about again in the future :wink: