The 50Hz Hum problem!

I’ve recently (finally) bought myself a lovely pair of these KRK Rokit 5 Gen 3 monitor speakers.

I’ve had to gradually adjust my ears from my small Logitech speakers and subwoofer.
When I first switched over, the Rokits didn’t seem to have any guts to them - I’d been spoilt by the Logitech subwoofer. I switched and faded back and forth between the two sets of speakers and kept saying about the Rokits, “They’re a bit tinny”! lol

The Logitech front satellite speakers provided decent mid and treble. But after listening to the new Rokits for a while, you can hear the bass come back, AND, I can hear instruments I haven’t heard before in the songs I listen to! A good investment for sure.

NOW: to the title of this topic: I’ve now discovered I’ve got a 50Hz hum problem! “Lovely”, I thought.

I’ve done a little reading tonight of ways to get rid of it, but not enough yet obviously.

@Mike, I remember hearing you mention the ground loop in your studio; can you remind me and tell me some more about it and how you’ve got it set up? Thanks.

Any other tips from viewers are greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @Mr-Shortcuts, when I bought mine, I read a lot of reviews and look for a lot of videos, among them I saw this two in particular regarding noise problems with the KRK monitors (rokit 5). I hope they can be useful to you.


Video One
Video Two

@Mr-Shortcuts try to have monitors plugged in power and nothing else. Turn them on and rise volume level. If they are buzzing, then you have issue with power supply. That usually comes back trough ground wire. Since you don’t have ground switch on you monitors, try to isolate ground on monitor plug with electrical tape. Do couple of passes just to be sure it wont break. If that works, then you know what’s the problem.

Thanks. Will give that a try tomorrow.

Something I didn’t think to add until @saba mentioned buzzing: my Logitech subwoofer was having a nice hummy buzz itself when I went delving under my desk. I hadn’t even heard it before! I turned off the power to that. Ahh! Peace! (from that). But still hum from the Rokits.

I’ll be doing a lot of plug swapping and moving tomorrow to eliminate possibilities and try your earth tape technique too, @Saba.

I made a video for that :wink:

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Thanks Mike. Will be watching that soon.

This one is good too, I got two because I had a bad hum form my studio to the roof…150 meters of cable and I got rid of the hum when I put these on input and output of fm processor: