Suggest mic for Rodecaster Pro when walking on treadmill

Hi, Could anyone suggest a good mic for the Rodecaster Pro what I could use when I interview when I am walking on treadmill :rofl:. Not joking. I really plan to walk on treadmill when I am interviewing my quest who are joining me via Skype/Zoom/Phone. but i want my voice would be good and people wont be hearing that I am walking.

If you’re serious you probably want a dynamic mic is it’s less sensitive to noise other than that being pointed directly into it.

Also maybe consider a hyper-cardioid pattern too which reduces the area of sensitivity of the mic.

Depending on how loud your treadmill is and how loud you walk it’s still likely the listener will know this. If it’s a gimmick and everyone knows the interviews are being done on a treadmill then that’s fine but if not the general rule of thumb is start with the best quality audio possible leaving the least to do in post so set up somewhere quiet with decent acoustics and record there?

Thank you. I bought quickly Lewitt MTP 250 DM dynamic mic. what they had at shop. Mostly all were sold out or over 600Eur price range. Max. what I could spend is 200Eur.
Actually I got very good idea about let listeners know that I walk on treadmill. markdenholm you are brilliant. I will test this out and see how it would work out.

Certainly sounds like an interesting idea. Good luck with it.