Strange very strange

Hi Guys,

Here is a very strange thing, my set up is I have 2 Sontronics Podcast Pro mics going into my RodeCaster Pro that connects via USB-C to my MacBook Air then I record on Adobe Audition.

So can anyone tell me how this strange thing can happen:

I select mic 1 in track one in Adobe Audition in multitrack and mic 2 in track 2 then select R on the track, now this is where the strangeness happens, with all the sliders set at zero on the RodeCaster Pro the input and output levels show activity in Adobe Audition. Then if I press record it records and then plays back what I have just recorded but I have to turn up the slider for the USB on the RodeCaster.

Has anyone got any idea as to what is happening, do I have a rough Adobe Audition, MacBook Air, RodeCaster or mics?

Very odd and confusing



Hey @TimHeale9 this is expected behaviour.

The RØDECaster Pro individual channel inputs on your computer are all pre-fader meaning it doesn’t matter where you have the fader the track will still record at the default volume level. It is also usually pre any processing effects and that’s why you’ll find the levels are quite quiet when you play back on your USB fader.

Hi Mike,

Is there a work round or anyway of adjusting cancelling the pre-fader? Could this be why I sometimes get echo and noise when recording with the USB fader up?



Hi Tim

As @Mike said most desks record pre fader which is exactly what you’ve got. If you’re Rodecaster is running firmware 2.1 you can record post fader via the options under multitrack.