Stereo effect using Delay Effect

I’m trying to create that stereo effect that turns a mono voice into a ‘fake’ stereo sound where it quickly bounces from one channel to the other. But I don’t know where it is!! I can’t get the Delay effect doing what I want. I can’t remember how to do it. Help!

Hi David @Mr-Shortcuts maybe you are refering to the Hass Trick", if you do so, here is a link that explain how to do that with a Delay plugin on a Mono channel:

Hass Trick

I hope this helps you.


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Thanks Juan. This is the information I needed. Now just have to apply it correctly in my mix! I’ll let you know how I go.

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Juan, It worked a treat!

Thanks a lot. I’m going to have to post an example of the mix I’ve made. I’ve created a fancy bus mix (again, lol) that fixes up old style 4 track recordings of The Beatles where they had most instruments in one speaker and vocals in one. I’ll create the post now for you and everyone else to read.


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I’m glad that the information was the right one David @Mr-Shortcuts and thank you for your post. I’ll be waiting for that post of yours with the example. Nice!!