Steps to develop Podcast sound quality

My question is what are the steps you recommend to adjust/improve the sound quality.

I put in the vocals only first. I then insert the sound clips where needed. I’m confused on what to do next…such as do I denoise first, do I match clip loudness OR do I do match loudness, etc.

The more I try to figure it out, the more confused I am on the steps I should take.

Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Dear TheSeeker,
you should work with a multitrack. This means all vocals on one track, all Sound FX on an other (separate) and all music on a separate track. Then match cliplouness on your vocals and perhaps some de-noising, de-essing, de-reverb, de-anything…BUT all very careful! Often you do not need to clean up SFX or music. Use trackautomation to fade in music and SFX. Bounce the whole thing to your master and put a compressor on it!
I hope this will help you out for now… (this is just a start…)
best regards,

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The best way to start is get audio sounding the best you can at source.

After that you can work on any noise reduction or echo removal needed. Then it’s time to enchance audio with some EQ and compression.

Those are the basics but do start with the best audio you possibly can.