Steinberg ST-M01 mic too low volume with the Rodecaster Pro

Hi, I use Steinberg ST-M01 mic what came with UR22mkII Recording Pack with the Rodecaster Pro, but I have to increase the volume to mostly max. that the recording level would be good and another side person will be hearing me well. Why?

Would be better idea to connect ST-M01 mic to Steinberg UR22MKII and this to Rodecaster Pro?

It’s usually dynamic mics that need significant gain boost. I have no experience with the mic in question but you could try a dbx286s which is a preamp and processor which can add a lot of gain cleanly to your signal.

Also given the fact the Rodecaster has no EQ for the mic channel you’d benefit from the enhancer section too unless you do all that in post in which case you could normalise your microphone recording in post as well?

the Steinberg ST-M01 is Condenser mic and needs Phantom Power +48 and the shop where I got the Steinberg mic. they told me it could be because not enough power. I will test it out with putting between the Steinberg UR22MKII.

I tested and it works fine now.
Steinberg ST-M01 mic is connected to Steinberg UR22MKII Mic input and L output is connected to Rodecaster Pro Mic input 1. It works fine, but I wonder what is the right Microphone settings there. Should I still use Codenser or pick something else. I attached nice picture what would help you understand what I have done.