Spotify Podcast messed up from Soundcloud

Hello everyone!

I’m in a bit of situation where it seems i can’t find a way out. Hope anyone can help.
The church i work for used to host their podcasts onto Soundcloud and few weeks ago i created an account o Spotify for podcasters as well.
Since spotify doesnt host audio files, i linked the spotify account to soundcloud thru RSS feed so whenever i post an episode on soundcloud, ti goes straigth to spotify. The problem is: The past 4 episodes i uploades on soundcloud is corrupted whenever i play on Spotify. We currently record the audio from an audio interface TASCAM US 1800 to a software called MixCraft 6 and as far as i know, there wasnt any changes from either ways.
Mixcraft exports the audio file in MP3 and after that i edit on Adobe Audition, where i have the same routine ever.

I’ve gone crazy trying to solve this issue. Does anyone FOR THE LOVE OF GOD have any ideas whats going on?

Appreciate the help!


Hey Vitor,

Could you please share some more details about the MP3 file you exported?

  • Sample Type
  • Format Settings (Type + Bitrate)

Also, is your podcast respecting the loudness of 16 LUFS?

Hi there!
To be honest i dont kno much of it, but i’ll see if i can get to know Sample Type and format settings.

Regarding to the loudness, i have never checked anything or done anything about it. That maybe could be a clue because we changed something on the recording setup. Before we use to mix the audio into an analogue mixer, then deliver the signal to the computer (Mixcraft) thru headphones jack.
The currently setup sends the audio from a digital mixer straight to the audio interface, then deliver the signal thru line out, which naturaly leaves the volume way lower.
But when i edit on Audition, i usually raise the overall gain. Am i talking ab the same thing as you? heheh

Anyways, as soon as i get the information requested, i’ll get back to you.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Vitor,

We are talking about different things. There’s a video from Mike that takes 3 minutes to watch which explains what “loudness” is, and how to ensure your podcast meets the required standards:

When it comes to exporting the podcast in the best MP3 file settings, you can simply check this video from Mike, where we explains how he edits a podcast from the very beginning to the very end. You can follow this link and you will land right on the spot where he corrects the loudness of his friend’s podcast and then exports to MP3.

Hope that helps!