Spike Prevents Normalizing of Audio

When I speak, unfortunately there are times when I spike the audio. When I try to normalize the audio waveform, there is no change.

How can I prevent these spikes in my audio so I can normalize and add effects before compression?

It seems like I would have to process the audio prior to it being recorded in Adobe Audition. Is this the preferred method for recording. I’ve been processing audio afterwards, but I’m now inclined to think I need to process the audio prior to and after recording.

Thank you,

By spikes do you mean they are exceeding 0db? If so turn down the microphone gain on your interface or mixer as that’s analogue clipping which is unwanted in audio.

If the spikes are under 0db then you need to add some compression. In line this can be achieved with a mic pre-amp and processor or post recording this can be done on Audition with the single band compressor or the speech volume leveller.

Whether your compress inline during the recording process or in post in Audition is dependent on what you’re doing. If you’re streaming anything live then you want a processor in your chain, if you’re just recording for later use such as a voiceover or a podcast then you can happily process after recording.

The most important thing either way is to ensure audio doesn’t exceed 0db.