Soundcraft Signature12 MTK for streaming

I would ask for your help a little .
I own a Soundcraft Signature12 MTK. I use this an audio interface and I wonder if I can even separate Spotify, Discord, my microphone and game sounds on my own channels through Mixer .

Do I need Software to differentiate between different software to mixer?
For example, if I wanted my own microphone for channel 1/2, Spotify for channel 5, Discord for channel 7 and so on. That way I would get the sound adjusted and edited live, even when streaming Twitch.

Yours sincerely, Pasi

Yes @Passo you can do this!

If the software will allow you can route different apps to different channels on the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK desk. Make sure you have the USB RTN button pressed in on any channel you wish to use.

You may find that not all software will see the outputs in which case look at Loopback for Mac or something like VoiceMeeter Banana on PC to route app audio to the correct channels.

Ok Thanks! I look VoiceMeeter.