Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK Mix Minus Problem

I’ve been using my Soundcraft 12 MTK for my main podcast set up doing a mix minus the traditional way of bringing in audio from a laptop, sending it back through an Aux out, etc. Recently I found the video where Soundcraft can do the mix minus internally, using the USB connection. I have followed the videos instructions as best I can, the only difference is I’m using Mixcraft 8 Pro instead of Audition, but I can’t get it to work. The Skype/PC audio is coming through the mixer, as I can see it in the meter, but Mixcraft is not picking it up. I think it has to be something in my settings, but I can’t figure it out. Is there a resource out there explaining the steps for this combination of mixer and software? My mic works fine, the software picks it up no problem, it’s just the pc audio.

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Where you able to find the correction for this? I am running into a similar problem.