Sonovox plugin: is there one

I was wondering why there isn’t a sonovox plugin at the market. If you could attach those 2 little speakers you put against your throat to make that sonovox effect to your computer by USB, I am sure the software should be able to do the rest? Has this ever been tried? I use the vocoder plugin now for simular effects, but there’s nothing better then that good ol’ sonovox sound.

Found something, it’s called Bozavox.

Take a look at these plugins that can do a very close match:

Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis
iZotope Vocal Synth

I have Waves Ovox ReSynthesis, but as you say, it’s only a bit of a match (far from close i.m.h.o.). Seems they used old telephone speakers for this in the past. Bozavox seems to do the job, but very expensive.