Song mashup (beatmix)

Here is a little mashup I did following on from @Mike radio imaging live tutorial. Used DJ Pro to get the key and adjusted tempo to match 120bpm :slight_smile:

probably could do with some VO at the start but was mainly practicing mixing songs together.

What do you think?


Excellent @Lewis_Bilkey sounds very good

That rocks my world @Lewis_Bilkey. Everything blended really well you should do more and post them up for us :slight_smile:

Thank you @Mike :slight_smile: I most certainly will! How did the VO sound at the end? I’ve got the same microphone as you, love the AT4040!

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Sounds Really good @Lewis_Bilkey

Voice sounded great @Lewis_Bilkey.

I’m not sure if the AT4040 is the same or similar to the mic I used to use (AT4033a)? It looks very similar and has some great reviews online. I’m now using a Neumann TLM 103.

Sorry the AT4033a is what I meant haha @Mike very jealous, my university radio studio has a pair of them, very nice!

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