Something went wrong with the record

Hello guys, I am new so before we can start, Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well (I am very friendly and I hope you too)

One day ago I recorded a sound with my smartphone and once I put it into Audition cc it happened to be all “jerky”.

Here is a screenshot of it so you can see :

Actually, I want to find a method to restore the missing part. Is anyone can help ?

Thank you.

Unfortunately you cannot restore what is not there :frowning: so the "missing parts’ are simply lost I am afraid!

Hi kevi,

This is interesting because up until a couple of years ago I would have agreed with @Izabela. Now I have a slightly different view…

For whatever reason your recording has audio gaps/drop-outs in it. Now depending on what that actual source material is, it is sometimes possible to repair the drop-outs so that there is an audio signal present where the drop-outs were.

A few factors will decide if the file can be repaired successfully so before I get into how it could be done, would you mind sharing the file as an high quality MP3 with us for me to just try and see if it is possible to repair.



Thanks Ian! That’s very interesting - certainly following up on that as I am interested to see what you come back with, are you using any external restoration software?

Hi @Izabela,

Well let’s see if @kevi is able to give us a MP3 before we get too carried away.

As far as external restoration software… it’s all third party stuff.

I’ll let everyone know with what and how if I can get a file to play with.


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