Some parts of the word goes quiet or disappears.. like letters 'C' 'H' 'S'

I purchased the presets v3.0 and after recording and using the preset ‘host’ and removing background noise, some letters do not come out on the recording. Makes the audio not ideal.

This could either be that your mic gain isn’t high enough and the noise gate is catching the beginning and end of your words, or the noise gate is set too aggressively.

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Ideally you’d want to record audio without the need for noise removal as that degrades the audio quality.

You need to tweak the settings for the noise gate. Change the hold time to be longer and also the attack time to be longer and hopefully that will solve it.


thank you and i’m new to this.

Thank you, very new to this. I use a Blue Yeti X…

I have my MIC Gain @41

Bear in mind that everyone’s voice is different, so there is no one, universal setting. If I used your setup, I may have a completely different gain.
If you feel you are getting a nice, healthy level from your mic, then I suggest you do as Mark says and tweak your gate settings.

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Bear in mind the presets are very good but will need a little bit of individual tweaking.

You may wish to normalise the audio before you start processing it in the presets but if you have a large dynamic range in your audio you still have to fine tune the autogate.

Out of interest what sort of noise are you using the noise reduction to remove? Is it possible you could eradicate that audio at source so you record more clean audio and can either turn down or remove the noise reduction from your processing?

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To be honest, think the only noise would be a few deep breaths. So,
Maybe I don’t need to remove any noise, since I don’t have any really. As I’m recording at home.

It may be worth for you to share with us perhaps a raw recording Carl? We can take a look and see what the presets are doing and how we can improve on it :slight_smile:

Where shall i send it Izabela? Thank you

You can attach the audio file to the reply here :slight_smile:

Please see attached the link from wetransfer, as it wouldnt allow me to upload the files. If you listen around 40 to 50 seconds on final edit, ‘cohorts’, and then pre edit is there too

have you had chance to hear it yet?

Thank you Carl! I am sending it to Mike now to review - he will be in touch ASAP :slight_smile:


Hey @CarlMitchell1972 thanks for sending over the files and I can indeed hear exactly what you’re talking about with some starts and ends of words removed (by the noise gate) with excellent suggestions from @markdenholm @CraigyJ here too.

There are a couple of things to look at to give the perfect experience (in this order):

  1. Dynamics effect on Podcast Host 1 track.

These settings are specific to the audio you sent over.

The first thing I’d do is open up this effect and disable AutoGate completely. The Expander section will still add silences between your speech. If you’re still not 100% happy turn the Threshold on the Expander section down to -30 dB.

  1. This is optional but if you’d prefer to leave the Dynamics effect as is then simply switch on the Speech Volume Leveler in the effects rack of the Podcast Host 1 track. You could, perhaps tweak the settings down a little so it’s not so harsh. This will flatten out your speech a little more and remove some of the dynamic range before it hits the noise gate. See suggested settings here:

With the quieter parts of your speech falling below the AutoGate threshold you’ll experience this clipping with default settings but the above tweaks will fix it :sunglasses:

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