Some clarifications on the use of MRCv2.0 Presets

I’d like to try to understand some of the Audition functions applied to Mike’s preset.

  1. First of all, I was wondering in practice what the “FILTER / EQ. PARAMETRIC / LIMITER” audition preset is (what is that curve like in what way is it useful in practice?)

  2. In Mike’s Presets (MRCv2.0) I can’t understand the use of the BUS in the Advanced preset …
    I don’t understand why each track has 2 BUS channels assigned.

In practice, all channels are assigned a main audio process BUS, the yellow one at the bottom > “Voice (FX)”.
Until here all Ok. I don’t understand why inside “Voice (FX)” there are also two analog delay effects, Studio Reverb
and these same effects are also present in the “Voice Processed (FX)” BUS

  1. What is the difference in why effects are applied directly on the track, applied to the BUS (voice … (FX) the one below the track), applied to the BUS at the bottom of all the tracks before the master?

    • Music Reverb = used to apply studio reverb to music tracks? what is the advantage?
  • Post Mixer = what is it for? what should be applied after the mixer output (right master)?

I don’t understand the use of many BUS tracks!

But shouldn’t noise reduction filters, reverb removal etc be applied in the MRC preset (as used in the PODCAST preset)?

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