Snippet of our podcast: Does anyone has any audio quality improvement tips?

Hi there!

We just started recording our first podcast for our online personal development platform, called Dear Beginner.

Wanted to share a snippet of the podcast here, so you could have a listen and give your honest feedback about the quality of it. Your help is very much appreciated!!

Thank you!


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Thanks for sharing @indubio - it sounds really good! What equipment are you recording on?

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Thank you. Izabela! Shure sm7b, in combination with a cloudlifter and Zoom H6, of-course with @Mike’s presets.

Fantastic setup @indubio - I wouldn’t really have any negatives there - very well put together and sounds fab!

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Great, thanks Izabela!

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Definitely broadcast quality audio & as @Izabela there are really no negatives here.

Well done :slight_smile:

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