Skype White Noise and chain order

hi @Mike…quick question. Doing many Skype interviews right now. Want to check I have my chain order correct. I EQ first, then very light 2:1 compression. But, my question is the white noise on Skype. If I remove it BEFORE compression, would any legacy be enhanced after compression? Equally de-essing I do after compressing.

Removing noise…I could capture noise print OR use the Dynamics noise gate which I think works better. I use that mic bleed on my track too. I do get guests to wear headphones…

So really, just want to check on the order of the chain…think I have it correct…cheers and Happy Christmas :blush:

Hi @David a quick question before any advice

“I do get guests to wear headphones” … I’m assuming all guests are remote origination ?

Why aren’t you using VAC ( Virtual Audio Cable) & then by extension line in to take the guest feed on Ch 1 & your Mic on Ch 2 in Audition ( HOWEVER & THIS IS A WARNING) … even cell phone to cell phone connections go thru LEGACY phone systems at some point. Meaning copper vs fiber. There will be freq loss & you should record in MONO … The incoming signal is not STEREO.

As you’ve already suggested either a noise profile capture or Noise gate feature in Cc18 or higher would be an option in a post production environment. For live work … like the rest of us in the non-network world, getting rid of white noise in a live feed is almost next to impossible. However … your best shot at reducing excessive white note in a live enviroment is using a dynamic vs a condenser microphone

(source) too many damn’d years in radio

thank you so much for taking the time to answer - yes, all guests are remote and normally via Skype. D

Something to consider, could they record their own end locally? And send you their local recording. You obviously still record the Skype call at your end but then line up their local recording with the Skype recording then mute Skype altogether?

This assumes however that they’re using decent microphones at their end? If they are using laptop or phone built in mics you’d achieve little by following my suggestion.

morning Mark - I could indeed do that, but that also requires a little ‘tech-savvy’ at their end which often is not the case. What we consider straight forward, performers often don’t! Also, I have learned to make things as straight forward and hassle free with guests. This week for instance, my guest didn’t know how to create a Skype account, so I will be using FaceTime audio to capture the call via Loopback. D