Simple recorder

I’m looking for a simple digital recorder that has XLR inputs to record straight from the desk at conferences.

It needs to be battery powered and easy to use so that an A.V. technician can set and record. 2 tracks are plenty.

Any recommendations?

Tascam DR 40 is a great unit. I use for field work and as a back-up linked to my Soundcraft desk in the studio.

I have a DR-44 and a DR-60 which i’ve used. Both i’ve used at events and returned with unusable audio or failed to record.

I was thinking of something that had 2 x XLR inputs, a record button, stop button, level controls and a peak indicator. Perhaps a red light to indicate recording might be useful. It could even be in mono and one XLR input.

Marantz is great:
Or Zoom H4n Pro

Thanks, the Marantz looks interesting - i’ll Check it iut