Side-chaining is there more than one slot?

So as far as I could figure it out, in AU you can only set one side chain per track, and on more complex projects that is not practical. For example you have 4 vocal tracks rooted to bus 1 (vocal bus) and you set side chain to music track. Now you have ducking effect, but what about sound effects?

I usually side chain them so that SFX don’t overpower vocal, especially explosion ones, and only thing I could do is to root bus 1 (vocal bus) to second bus (Vocal bus 2 or SFX side chain how ever you want to call it) and than make new side chain for SFX bus and control them that way.

I hope you understood what I’m saying, my question would be is there any way to add more side chain slots?

There is, from what I understand, one side-chain input per Dynamics Processing effect on each track in Adobe Audition.

How about stacking multiple Dynamics Processing effects to a single track (or bus) and then assigning one to music and one to sound effects?

That won’t work because I want Vocals to trigger compressor not the other way around. In this case, SFX or music would be the trigger and you would get ducking on vocal.

Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but I stumbled upon this topic while searching on Google for how to have multiple sends from one track in AU. The user interface is somewhat bad for this, so it’s not immediately obvious how to achieve that. If that’s what you were asking about @Saba, here it is:

On multitrack view:

On mixer view:

There’s this stupid tiny little scrollbar. No matter how much you resize this section, it will always display only one single send. But if you use the scrollbar, you can switch your view from “Send 1” to “Send 16”. So I guess you can have 16 sends from one track active at once.

On the receiving end, however, it completely depends on your plugin. If your plugin takes one sidechain input, you can only ever have… well, one thing sidechained to that input. But you can route together everything into a bus, mute that bus if you otherwise don’t need it, and have that bus sent as a sidechain input to your plugin.

If it can take two or more sidechained inputs (besides your normal mono/stereo/whatever inputs), you can have that many sends sent as a sidechain to those inputs.

(Answered in a bit broader sense, so more people can benefit from this)

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TXH man, that is what I was looking for, it really is bit stupid, but at least it works :smiley:

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I have a quite (and probably over) complicated multitrack template that I work with. I have a series of buses for music, voice, echo and fx.

The processing on the tracks happens in the voice bus, echo bus and fx bus while all the music tracks are routed to the music bus.

Music bus then has the dynamics processing in and the voice, echo and fx all route to a ducking bus which then ducks the music bus.

The mastering effect is then set on the master channel and can be swapped presets depending on the destination of the output.

Probably over complicated but it works for me that way so far

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Thank you Brane, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Seems I uses buses like Saba :slight_smile: 1 bus for Voices, 1 bus for FX, 1 bus for music. Bus voices triggers ducking (with different settings) on both FX BUS and MUSIC BUS

How can you see all the sends? Except using this tiny scroll bar? Did you found how?