Should MRC Have a Discord Server?

Hello, everybody. EPrimeify on Youtube. Eric in real life.

At the end of today’s stream I pondered a question that Mike suggested I ask everyone if we [The MRC Community] have a Public Discord server?

For those that don’t know; Discord is like Skype - however I think it’s a LOT better. It’s definitely more catered to a more organized and democratic-type of communities [As well as gamers].

But I feel like the MRC community [And Mike] could benefit a lot from its own Discord server. If I’m being honest, I feel like this community is harder to remember sometimes since it’s its own website, but if you have Discord open all the time [Like me] then there’s always something happening. You never stray too far away from the community since there’ll always be active pings going on!

It could also be a reminder to check out of a thread has been posted on the site, or if there’s a popular active thread going on so it’ll keep traffic to the site [Mike].

However, I do feel like, though, that it would kind of defeat the purpose of the community here. With that and the Youtube, we’d be doing all our interacting there. We’d try to keep things tip-top here, but Discord is just so easy to look at. I don’t wanna stray people away from the MRC Community, but it could have its good and its bad.

But this is a vote. What do you guys think? I made a strawpoll down below, and also comment telling me/us what you think about the idea of MRC having its own Discord server. Do people here use it? Do you like it? Let me know!

All feedback is definitely appreciated!

Brilliant idea @Prime!

It would be another place for the community to chat, which includes voice chat if people are happy with that, however, I personally find Discord rather spammy. I often find myself in the middle of working on a web project, and I get a notification from something on discord. Okay this is fine, but not if I get one every few minutes, it’s annoying.

I would like to submit, that if people do not currently use discord, but do spend many hours working on a project of some kind, then it might just cause a distraction more than anything else.

Also moderation, we would need to have more active moderators to make sure things go smoothly, and have them be in different timezones too. Not sure how easy it would be to recruit for that, as many people troll on discord and mess around.

@Mike will have to give some serious thought to this. I wouldn’t mind helping out with the moderation and/or administration, but not sure how much time I can dedicate to it since it would be more involved and alive than this community website.

My advice would probably be to just keep it as the community as its a lot easier to manage.


I agree with both statements. Having a chat would create discussions that would roll at a faster rate, but it could get out of hand quickly.

If it’s purely for the chat functionality, i would recommend using one of the Discourse chat plugins, keeping the chat on the forum.

Additionally, i have toyed with integrating discourse with Discord in the past with some success.

In the end, It all depends on how we decide to play our cards, it could work but would require a lot of planning to ensure activity both here and on the discord server.

On a separate note, moved the post to a more appropriate category, perhaps we should vote right here in the post as well?


Great idea to add this to the Feature Requests category @OleHenrik.

Now anyone who wants this can click the button at the top of the thread to vote. I’ve added my vote and would be happy to start this up if it’s something the community would like.

I’ve removed the external poll link from @Prime’s original post so as not to fragment voting.

Great suggestion!

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Oh, there’s already a vote feature. Sorry, Mike, didn’t see it.

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It’s locked to certain categories, in this case, it’s the feature requests category.

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Good to see some votes on this already! Keep them coming in if you’d like to see an MRC Discord server!

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