Share Your Studio View

This thread absolutely needs to happen!

Take a photo of your home recording studio and post it to this thread. I’ll nickname this thread StudioPorn… GO!


Here you go, Mr. @Mike :slight_smile:

Now - time for getting my focusrite working.


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Here we go. Home of the Club Night. Greenscreen is invisible in the right corner of the room.

You are doing great, Mike
Best regards,


Don’t be jealous of the cinder block monitor stands! They rock…(see what I did there?)
Not bad for a basement bedroom setup I think. Built my own absorption panels installed at all first reflection points. I’m working on some superchunk corner traps to add in.

Thanks to Mike R. for all you do!

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Those are some sweet setups!

@MartinSvanborg I :heart: the mood coloured lights you have in your studio.

@mellesoft the quad monitor setup rocks! Can your Logitech webcam see you from all the way up there?

@qonthereel I love it! Apart from the dbx 286s what else have you got in that rack under your desk?

Hello, there are not only 4 monitors available. On the left you don’t see the 5th monitor. it contains even more information. Bottom right is the 15" touchscreen for the product “motionmixes” (genious product).

The Logitech camera can really see me from that perspective. I currently have 4 webcams in the room. In winter everything will be converted to 6 monitors and greenscreen from 2 sides.

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Hey all.

My workspace so far. It can not be called „studio“ yet (it is intfact more an artist’s workspace) because in my first life I am a design, illustration, text, photo and web creative and now I teach myself making electronic music as a start for only about a year. Just for my own fun, and only because I want to become my creative musical ideas true. Not as a job and never as a DJ or as something professional shortly. But … anyway I want to sound as „professional“ as possible.

I first and foremost trained my ears and invested in Harman Kardon Desktop Soundsticks and AKG K-712 Pro Reference Studio Headphones. Adobe CC I needed anyway for my day job as a design, photo and web creative. And it was a great pleasure for me that Audition is part of the CC.

My next equipment acquisition will be an audio interface and a mic to record my voice and lyrics für my music.!

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Bit messy :smiley: but this is my table

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Under my desk is a TrippLite power conditioner, a Focusrite 18i20 interface, and as you spied a DBX 286s.
The mix desk is the Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro. I also have a home built computer running Win10Pro with an i5-7500 3.4Ghz processor and 24G RAM. To my right, not shown in the pic, is a Roland FP-30 keyboard so I can doodle on jingle ideas, and the picture above is of Mount Sopris near Aspen Colorado. My bedroom studio is in Hayden Colorado just 25 miles west of Steamboat Springs.

Hi Markus! I love your studio. Would you mind sharing the model of desk you have? That looks like perfect setup. Thanks!

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I’m also a designer! Video making as well. And I use to be a radio dj. I’m a musician lol, I have my studio little by little so you will also. With a little patience anything comes true my dear friend.

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Hey Juanmapinker, thank you for your lovely and encouraging words, little by little, yes that is my aim, like a squirrel collecting nuts, :kissing_heart::wink: … your trusted friend piitciia.

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I’m getting studio envy you lot.

I’m only a voiceover artist, so don’t need more than this…


It looks great @MarkThomasVO, I had those monitors too from KRK, they sound awesome!! :):grin::sunglasses::sunglasses::grin:


Daily radio-shows @my home-studio, streaming up ( about one minute retardation) to Radio509 Hilversum and Radio Kontakt Laarbeek.



This just gets better and better. Keep the studio pics coming!

A bit late to the party, had to clean my desk first :laughing:

Normally you’d also see a MacBook Pro on the desk, but it was used elsewhere at the time.

Here are some screenshots on my Mac from when the picture was taken:

I hid some secrets in those photos, are you able to point them out?


Nice @OleHenrik, I’m looking for a third tv monitor, but I don’t know what do I need to connect it to my laptop cause it only has one HDMI output :frowning: Yours looks GREAT!

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There are USB devices that allow you to connect more monitors I believe.

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Thanks. I Will check it out :sunglasses: