Setting up Audio Conference Call Connection through Mixer

Hello Community,

I’m having some trouble with this one connection and I’m turning to you for help.

I’m running a Skype connection using an iMac 27 through a Behringer U-Control UCA202 running to the MDX4600 Limiter/Gate and then run it through my Mackie 1402VLZ4 Mixer on channel 7-8 to bring in my audio and return through AUX Send 1. This connection works well; however, here is where things get bad!

I am also opening a Google browser connection using from my conference call line to speak to live callers. They can hear me fine, but my return to them is maxed out on the board and the gate, but their sound in coming in very low and if I max out any more I get that horrible feedback. Ugh!!

My second AUX Send is dedicated to my MacPro for Video Broadcasting using WireCast 7 to bring in all my audio and send my audio/video stream to my live audience. My question today is

  1. How can I connect my line to improve the sound quality as good as my Skype connection?
  2. Should I install a second audio interface to do this and use a mic channel on the board or setup a third computer just for the phone calls using mic channel, and if so
  3. How do I send the overall mix back out?

Would you recommend this setup or suggest another. Your help would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you,
B.A. Ingram, Apostolic Team Leader, BAIM

Sounds like you have some kind of feedback loop that is causing that horrible feedback.

Could it be that you’re sending the audio from the conference call back to the conference call itself causing the feedback? Check your AUX settings to see what audio goes back.

Another audio interface could certainly help to keep audio sources separate. I’d also recommend using the trial of Loopback or Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba to see if software can solve your issue.

Hi Mike!

Thank you for the response. After checking my aux send as you suggested I did have that tuned up for some reason. I will turn it to zero and see if that makes a difference. I still believe I need to separate my conference call audio using another interface, bit I tried using a second usb audio device on the iMac but could not get the separate devices to work in tandem. I think I need a professional engineer to help me figure this out.