Set up issues with Pre Amp, Compressor and Mixer

Good Evening MRC Fam!

I am running into an issue with my current setup. I have a Tascam Model 12 Mixer, DBX 286S Pre Amp, and a DBX 166XS Compressor.

I can’t figure out the proper way to hook this all up. I currently have my primary mic going into the DBX 286S then back to the Tascam Model 12. From there, I have the master or main output from the Tascam Model 12 going into the XLR input of the DBX 166xs. From the output of the DBX 166XS, I have it going into inputs 2 and 3 of the Tascam Model 12. I want to compress the overall sound before it goes out to the stream. The moment I turn up outputs 2 and 3, it gives me feedback…not sure if I need another piece of equipment or what exactly I am not setting up properly.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Jay,

The feedback loop is happening because you are sending the mixer’s main output in to the compressor, then sending that signal back in to the mixer, which is then going straight back in to the compressor.
Rather than routing the compressed audio out to the main output, instead use a different output for your stream with sub groups or AUX channels.

The reason as stated is feedback because you’re processing something and then sending it back to itself.

In your position for streaming I would send the output of the mixer to the dbx166xs and output the dbx166xs to an interface. Then set the stream to use the interface as its audio source. You could use a focusrite solo for this.

Anything else would just be messy and fiddly.