Separating Voice and Music Bed in an MP3 File

I want to separate the vocals from an existing mp3 file and replace the music track with something that’s a better fit for my podcast intro.

Can this be done in Adobe Audition?

Hi Steve.

Not very effectively. There’s a vocal removal tool in Audition but it’s not perfect. You can remove the vocal frequencies as it is supposed to do, but it also removes any music that uses the same frequencies, leaving the music a bit warbled. It depends how you have the settings.

I believe it is able to work in reverse and just leave the vocals, removing the music.

Have a fiddle with it and the settings and see what you get.

Best of luck!

Great - if there is a chance that it can succeed that’s good enough for now.
Just didn’t want to spend too much time on trying to get it to work if there was no chance of success - really appreciate the feedback - many thanks…

Just remember much as it’ll leave the music warbled as it takes away frequencies from the music that aren’t traditionally found in the vocals it’ll work the opposite way too.

If you run it through you’ll be left with the vocals and any frequencies from the music that aren’t the same as the vocals which isn’t ideal and may affect your ability to lay it over another bed.

Where did the original come from? That’ll be your best bet is to hunt down the original and use that dry mp3 to mix with your new chosen bed

Good information - many thanks for the additional insight.

@Steve_Moore, I intend to cover your question on my live stream this coming Monday, Dec 11. Thanks for the question!

Great choice @mike if I might say so👍

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