Sample rate dropping while playing

I keep getting a “detected drop sample rate” that shows in the bottom right corner in Audition [CS6]where the session just skips when I press play…Can someone help me out…?

Sounds like audio dropout. Need more info. OS ver. What is it dropping to? What is sample rate of audio interface, buffer size. Are you sharing audio with another program in the background?

thank you for response, am using Win 10, sample rate of 48000 am not using any external hardware just the built in laptop hardware, so sometimes it plays normal then starts to droppe

i dont have another application sharing the audio that i know of, the only application running in the background is Chrome internet browser.

What is the sample rate of the project you’re running?

Download and install Voicemeeter Banana to add virtual audio interface.

To configure AA audio with Win 10, use ASIO and these settings.
Change buffer size from 512 to 1024 for playback if problem persists.


You can use the mixer to play your Windows system sounds and YouTube audio etc.

thank you let me try this…