Rolling Off Bass

hi all I have heard the term, but wondered how it is actually done in CC Audition?

Have a look at the bottom end of your EQ range and pull it right back, let’s say from 250Hz down.
Mainly for voice roll-off, Room Hum, Noise Floor etc.

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@Ben_Sound is spot on. This can be accessed from Effects > Filter and EQ > Scientific Filter with the preset Drop Off Below 250Hz. That’ll give you a crispy imaging style voice over.

If that’s too much for your needs simply change the roll off to below 100 Hz to kill any bass rumbles but preserve the voice.

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amazing! Thank you…that has really helped. Going to start on the edit today. catch you on the live feed D

I have found a happy medium between 100 hz & 250hz ( see AU 3 self made preset )

It’s great for cleaning up bad mics or poor acustic enviroments. It still leave enough base from a good male voice talent & cleans up the distortion & harmonics of a bad recording spaceBass Roll-off

Check it out & let me know what you think

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thanks - I will check this out D