RODEcaster PRO review

Hello! I’m a brand new podcaster and have very little technical expertise. I took the online class from @Mike and asked him personally what equipment I should buy for a travel podcast. He suggested the RODEcaster PRO and it has been amazing! I can fit everything in one suitcase and set it up wherever I am. Then I do just a little bit of mixing and publish it. The sound is quite good for the amount of work I do, and all the different rooms I have recorded in.
I just wanted to give that feedback on the equipment. And give a special shout out to @Mike because all his advice has been spot-on and easy to follow for a newbie!!


I bought the Røde Procasters too and vey happy with the results.

However, as with and dynamic microphone, I did find that it was hard to get a good signal level. After much research, I purchased an FMR Audio RNP (Really Nice Preamp) 8380 and it’s been fantastic. The project required two inputs, so it was the perfect solution.

Mike is the god of podcasting advice, and of course Adobe Audition, I know my way around it but there’s secrets and tips i’ve yet to discover, I use it more for mastering with VST’s and thats about it really, but Mike is fabulous at AA,

Mike Cullen. Producer, Presenter, Clown!