RØDECaster Pro or soundtrack MTK12 mix-minus

I am about to upgrade my audio interface/mixing board (current usb yamaha MD10XU) to launch a new podcast with incoming phone call and skype call onlive and offline streaming
and I am looking for a good mixing board with built-in mix minus to manage multiple phone call (from smartphone and skype call)
I have been watching a loooot of video to set up mix-minus on different mix board (makie proVf12v3) it sounds interesting therefore too many cables to set up with.
I just recently found out that the soundtrack MKT12 has mix-minus usb built-in?
and I just discover that the RØDECaster Pro has a built in mix minus however it has only 1 phone entry and one bluetooth input?
I will also love to plug my magni3 headphone preamp unless both mixing board has the headphone preamp built-in?
does the RØDECaster Pro has built in headphone preamp for those who owns that one?
I desire also to plug in a behringer MDX4600 to improve the quality of the sound especially from smartphone call.
Does the Rodecaster pro provide a very good compressor for phone call and skype call?
It seems that the soundtrack has more input and output to plug in a berhinger MDX4600 compressor? any advice on different way to improve phone call with compressor?

Any advice which one to choose between the two of them built in mix minus or unless you have any advice on another built-in mix-minus mixer, to manage to connect 1 or 2 smartphone (TRRS cable) into 2 different input on the board and also have on another input channel for a skype call, connected to pc via usb 2.0 using DAW as audition ( I look at reaper sound complex to set up at first)
(I have read some review on RØDECaster Pro youtube presetation that few people mentioned that recording via adobe audition using the RODECaster pro has some recorded distortion and were unable to manage that any one experience that or found a solution?)

  • List item I currently have
    Yamaha MD10XU (cannot connect a berhinger MDX4600 compressor, limited to do mix minus and input)
    beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
    Headphone amplifier Magni3
    Rode NT 1 (phantom power required included on the yamaha)
    Pc Msi workstation 32gb nvidia P3000 (windows 10)
    Adobe audition
    huawei P30 (headphones jack built in)

I will love to do a mix minus podcast without having to plug in and out all these TRS 3.5 mm to dual mono jack or (splitter cable, rig jack, etc… you name it:) ) and breathe out from all those cables setting up:)

Mic rode NT1 mic input 1
1 to 3 headphone:)
1 smartphone one input 2
A second smartphone on 3 input
skype call from computer
play music/jingle podcast (already done) from pc or tablet
and be able to play music onlive fade in and out during podcast (livestreaming)

Thank you so much in advance for all advice and guidance which will allow me to buy the appropriate mixing board…