RodeCaster Pro and

Hi Guys,

I’m having some issues recording remote interviews with noise, I use a MacBook Air, RodeCaster Pro, Sontronics Podcast Pro mic, DT770 Pro 250ohn and, now this problems are a constant hiss while recording and on my track I have to other tracks voices as well, which makes editing difficult in Adobe Audition, the hiss seems to be on all tracks, any advice?


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What happens if you vary any of those elements in the chain? Eg, record straight to Audition or change your mic?
This is a great noise reducing plugin: Brusfri - Noise Reducer
But better to eliminate in the first place.

Thanks I’ll work on eliminating the noise first.

How is the gain set on all your channels? Are you recording at low levels and then boosting audio in post? This can introduce hiss.

Have you tried @glenncarey’s suggestion of recording direct to Audition to find if the hiss is with everything or just one recordig method?

Hi Mike,

I have been trying adjusting the gain and volume controls on the RodeCaster and have cut out a lot of the hiss when recording direct into Adobe Audition, I only seem to have an issue when recording in particular with bleed into my track from the other tracks which makes edition a bit of a mare. I have a guest coming here to record a podcast so I think I can get the right levels. Do you know of anyone else that have had an issue with, I have contacted them as well just waiting for a response.
I have now recorded an episode face to face and had some success I just mute my mic while my guest was talking, I have found that if I reduce the gain and volume then up the volume in post in Adobe Audition, this work for me.

Work in progress.
Tim (The Tim Heale Podcasts)