Rodecaster Multitrack with Audition

I’ve watched Mike’s video several times followed it step by step. I can’t see the Rodecaster channels. I then followed Rode’s guidelines. I downloaded the ASIO driver and followed the Rode guidelines, still I cannot select Rode inputs like Mike was able to. I’ve tried this on two computers with the same results. I know I must be missing a step or a selection in Audition. The Rodecaster has USB Multitrack selected. There’s not much else on the menus of the Rodecaster. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Obliviously, this is a PC hardware software question.

Hi Kirk,

It might not be helpful but have you tried to connect it up to a mac?

Does it show Multitrack in the options or Streo?

You have a great piece of kit in the RodeCaster Pro I wouldn’t be without mine, it’s connected to my M1 iMac and work great.



As mentioned by @TimHeale9 the Mac seems to work percfectly. PC is a different story.

I don’t know if you’ve seen but RØDE have an official walkthrough guide for multitrack on PC in Audition. It’s worth a look!