Rodcaster pro2 question

Hello everyone I was looking to get some help I have a rodcaster pro 2. I want to record on the interface from Bluetooth then take it loaded into the computer. My question is how do I separate my track from my guest track who’s coming in on Bluetooth?I do have some of it figured out, but also the other problem is it cuts out of our conversation? thanks so much !

To separate your track from your guest’s track when recording on your Rodecaster Pro 2 from Bluetooth, make sure that you assign each audio source to a separate channel on the Rodecaster Pro 2. Then you can record them into different tracks on the Adobe Audition multitrack or even export to your SD card.

To avoid your conversation cutting out, make sure that your Bluetooth device is close to the Rodecaster Pro 2 and check your audio settings. You may also want to consider using a wired connection instead.