Roadmap for editing different tracks making a podcast

is there a roadmap for editing my podcast which exists of an intro music, intro speaking, interview with 2 tracks (interviewer + interviewee) and outro.

Should I start in waveform to clean up, compress and make up each track? Or do I start in multitrack to cut and paste the interview, and compress the whole session in the end?

Start in multitrack.

Set a track for the branding music, host, guest etc and then the first thing to do is match clip loudness so you’re starting from the same perceived loudness.

You can the add “clean up” if needed and individual EQ to each speaker and you might want to consider the speech volume leveller but use it sparingly, retain dynamic range in your settings and don’t overdo the levelling amount.

The golden rule with podcasts is not to over compress the sound.

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