Restoring mp3 songs

Like “E N C N” for Voice editing, what is the steps for editing / restoring mp3 songs? Pls help me!

What kind of editing do you want to do @Meeran?

If you want to improve the sound you can’t really restore what has been lost in the compression of an mp3 file format. I like @The_Tone_Arranger’s way of describing this:

The thing with audio is it’s easy to take away but very difficult to return.

MP3 is a great file format in that it saves a quite highly quality version of audio in a small file size but what it does do is compress the file remarkably to meet that small size. Obviously the lower the bit rate the lower the quality.

You can still normalise an MP3 file but if you’re talking about making a song sound better than could be tricky. For example if you’re thinking there’s too much high end missing and that file has been saved and compressed into MP3 format it’s highly unlikely boosting the high ends in an equaliser would be able to faithfully restore those frequencies as at some point they’ve been removed and the file the saved in a “lossy” format.

Where has the music come from? Do you have the option of re-ripping CDs in either wave form or at least a higher quality MP3?

Before you attempt any restoration, buy the best headphones/monitors you can afford.
You might not need to do as much work as you expected.

If you just want to improve the overall “sound” as you perceive it, then EQ out any nasty bits first, then compress, and keep an eye on muddy bass at low volume. If that works out for you and you don’t mind about dynamic range, then slap Mike’s preset for normalise on as a test to see if that helps. [negative E - C - N.]

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Hi @Meeran,
Welcome to the community…

Until recently I would have dismissed what you are proposing to try and do with any mp3 audio file regardless of its encoded quality settings.
However, I did come across this software at a trade show a couple of years ago which changed my thinking about this subject…

I most likely would use Unchirp to be my first stage clean-up as it deals with the most obvious issues with mp3 encoding easily and quickly.
My second stage would use RX7 to deal with any other issues that might remain after the first stage processing such as signal clipping, channel imbalances, spectral balance, etc.


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