Removing one telephone voice from a dialogue - Podcast

Hello everyone!
So due to social distancing, myself and my podcast partner have needed to record our podcast from separate locations. My partner used a call recording app on their phone to do this which unfortunately added my voice into their track, but at absolutely horrific quality. I however do have a track of my side of the conversation, that has been recorded properly. I am attempting to remove my ugly telephone voice from their track, to be able to properly edit the episode.

I am looking for some advice on how to go about doing this? I have tried the noise reduction tool but it does not seem to do the trick, and I was wondering if there was perhaps another way of tackling the problem that I just don’t know about (being a beginner).

I am using Adobe Audition and Audacity.

Depending on your volume in their recording you may be able to noise gate it if it’s significantly quieter than their voice.

Alternatively you may have to line it up with your recording and cut where you speak from their recording.

An easier way to do this is to record at your end. Depending on your mixer set up you may be able to record on different tracks in the multitrack or alternatively you could whack the balance on your mic to the left and the balance on their track to the right.

One final option for may be cleanfeed. The free version combines all sources into one recording or the paid version records a different track for each source. This is good if they have a decent quality microphone but would be wasted on a phone.

I would recommend that you record your guest’s audio at your end to avoid this happening again and make for an easier edit.